SSI React Right Specialty Program

SSI React Right Specialty Program

€100 - €150 per person

After React Right you will hold a different perspective towards diving. In short, you will be having fun in a safe manner.

Reach Right is the SSI equal to PADI EFR (Emergency First Response). Also known as RR, the react right course deals with out of water emergencies. It is designed to train first aid providers to keep control during an emergency situation until medical professional arrive. In other words, your React Right training is not a “for divers only” course. You do not need any prior diving experience to enroll in this training. In React Right, all the skills we teach are beneficial in your daily life, as much as during your diving activity.


Upon completing this course, you are no longer be a head in the crowd in an emergency. You will now remain calm, and being able to offer help. However, do remember that this course IS NOT a replacement for a full length Emergency Medical Instruction course for medical professionals. Hence, you should not be providing help that is beyond your training and knowledge.

Academic Sessions: Online Learning

Open Water Dives: N/A

Theory Lessons: Yes

Price Excluding Materials & CERT.: €100 / per person
Price Including Materials & CERT.: €150 / per person




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