PADI Deep Dive

PADI Deep Dive

€190 - €240 per person

We teach students how to plan and execute Deep dives. We also look at effects additional pressure at depth has, on the diver, their air supply, colors and flexible objects.

Divers Underwater in Dahab Diving

The deeper you go in Scuba Diving, the more careful a diver has to be to ensure correct procedures for depression, safety stops and deep stops are performed to prevent decompression sickness. A lot more can go wrong the deeper you go as the pressure builds up, equipment is under greater stress and there are other things that can affect a deep diver such as Nitrogen narcosis that divers need to be aware of to ensure a safe dive. The course helps divers become more aware of the planning and dangers of deep diving and allows you to dive at a depth safely.

3-4 Deep Open Water Dives

Maximum depth: 40 meters

Theory exam: No

Price Excluding Materials & CERT.: €190 / per person
Price Including Materials & CERT.: €240 / per person


What does the Course cover?

The Deep Diver course is to include four open water training dives, which are usually conducted over a period of at least two days. The minimum depth required for open water is between 18 to 30 meters/60 to 100 feet, with no dive exceeding 40 meters/130 feet. The instructor ensures that all dives are conducted within the no-decompression limits, with deeper dives being conducted first. The course covers the following: 1. planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of deep diving 2. risk factors and decompression-tables review 3. safety stops and emergency decompression procedures 4. special equipment, descent lines and buoyancy-control considerations 5. procedures for flying after diving and high-altitude diving 6. orientation to re-compression chambers




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